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I used the C net updater and down loaded the Safari up date  But its saying cannot use on my version . What the **** is that about . O noted on the dow load it was mountain.


I tried to use time machine to recover , Wont allow it , HOW as I am now broke , and trying to recover my self , i need the links and stuuf sored in there.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750
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    AFAIK, you have to be running Safari 6 to use this update. I banned it from my Lion installation because the iOSified version is crap. Here's why:


    The unimproved,  clear history option, which does more than that (check the help files); unibar URL/search window, trying to get one thing to do multiple tasks (Apple being like a lemming and following the browser crowd); loss of the appearance pref and inability to change standard and fixed fonts and their sizes, via the GUI (even though there is a way using the Terminal defaults command); and, the utterly useless resizable tab bar spanning the entire browser window. None of these changes are needed or required for a useful Safari, but just an attempt to have the computer version mimic the iOS versions.