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Recently on two other occasions I have lost the Dashboard Google search Widget's abilitity to search but was able to download a new copy ... UNTIL TODAY!!


Have now tried several approaches to get the link from Apple to finish and download but  .. not.


Is this another manivestation of the childish actions of Apple in their belief that they are the only viable enterprise?


Six years since conversion from Windows and have been really glad but this last couple of OS changes plus their intolerable self serving is beginning to make inroads in my loyalty.


Hope my conspiracy theory is totally wrong,  any ideas??

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Your theory is indeed completely wrong. The Google search from Safari works just fine so it's clear that Apple isn't blocking anything. The widget is quite old now and the interface it uses to Google may just have changed or isn't stable, or the code the developer used is not properly compatible with the later versions of WebKit that power Dashboard widgets. The developers who made both Google widgets I can find have disappeared, so the widgets probably just won't work any more.



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    Good reply and really appreciate. I '"hate "conspiracy" and was joking a bit -- but, doggone it, I have loved every minute on my Macs (heavy into Adobe and photography) after 20 years of Windows and Mainframe. 


    I just wish the "NEW" stuff could also have a "Classic" for us old "whatevers."