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I just bought a macbook Pro with mountain lion. Thing is on my old macbook, I had no problem with the 1080i60 transfer to FCE but it doesn't work with log and transfer on the new macbook Pro. I've tried all of the easy setups in preferences and don't know how I got it to work on my old macbook. As a last resort, I imported the video into iMovie and imported the iMovie file - that worked - but want to use the direct log and transfer function in the future.

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    Hello, and welcome to the Apple Communities!


    I suspect the difference compared to your "old macbook" is that FCE is not supported on Mountain Lion.  FCE was discontinued even before Lion was released, and isn't even supported on Lion much less Mountain Lion.


    How did you even get FCE installed on a new MBP with Mountain Lion?


    One other thing that comes to mind is that you need the FCE 4.0.1 update in order to effectively use AVCHD video ... do you have that update installed?


    Another thing to look into is whether  you recorded in 1080p or 1080i mode.  FCE only supports 1080i mode.  If I recall correctly, iMovie will capture both 1080p and 1080i.


    Exactly what version of OS X do you have installed on your "old macbook"?

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    To install, just put the CD in the drive, lol - and I did do the 4.0.1 update. The video is in 1080i mode. As a test, I could load it into FCE on my old macbook which I still have which has 10.5.8.


    So far, FCE seems otherwise to perform as usual on my new macbook Pro although I haven't tried to export a video yet.

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    The only thing strange about using FCE on the macbook Pro was that I expected about a 1 Gig export (video is 10 minutes) but the export was almost 10 Gigs.

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    10 gig for 10 mins is about right for an AVCHD export from FCE if you used Quicktime Movie and not the Compression type.