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My daughter owns a brand new Ipod Touch 4th Generation.  Last weekend she took a great deal of photos on it, and video from a convention.


Last night connected the Ipod to her new laptop.  Itunes was not set to sync photos or video, only her music library.


When she connected the Ipod, it synched. Upon synching, it erased all her photos, except 2 she had taken that day, and erased 4 hours of video files.


There was no backup of these files on Itunes, as the Ipod and computer were both fairly brand new.


First:  Why would Itunes wipe these files when Itunes was not synched to photos or video, only music?


Second:  She is very upset that she has lost everything.  I am a computer technicaian and have been able to recover files from SD cards, hard drives, and even older Ipods, files that were deleted even up to a year ago, but this new Ipod Touch 4 is so locked down I can not recover anything at all.


Does anyone know any method the the Ipod Touch 4 can be seen as a hard drive so I can run a file restore scan on it to recover the recently deleted files?


Very disappointed that Apple has such technology that would wipe a users files just by connecting it to a computer.  The same thing happd end on my Iphone when it upgrade to IOS 6.0  - lost several days of photos and music.


I understand most people use the Cloud these days for backup, but the average teenager, or person in general is not that sophisitcated.



iPod touch (4th generation), Windows 7