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I am experiencing slow streaming from itunes to apple tv (latest gen). My itunes library is found but when the music begins it stops after 2 seconds then restarts etc etc. It seems like it is streaming slowly from itunes. At first it appeared the firewall was the problem but this has been eliminated. Any one have the same problems or know of a solution?

AppleTV 2, iOS 5.1, windows 7
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    I had this problem both between Mac itunes library and Apple TV and Windows 7 Itunes Library to Apple TV, I disabled IPv6 on both my mac and windows machine, fixed the ip on all my devices. I also disabled windows firewall on my windows machine (I have an external firewall so not needed) you may not want to do this. From my windows machine it would play a few songs, then start one at 7 seconds and not play audio. From my mac it would say connecting to itunes library with the wheel.



    These are the things I believe to resolve the issue, I also disabled a tonne of windows services (iphelper, Windows media streaming)