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Both my iPhones & iPad say I'm either not subscribed or my subscription has expired yet I'm good until 6/2013.

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    itunes match is working fine for me on my Mac. My iPhone which I recently upgraded to 6.0.1 now hangs when I try to access my itunes. At first it says "no content" and then the iCloud logo comes on the screen as though it's going to load something and then it disappears and i cant select anything and eventually the music app quits.



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    Same issue. It's definitely 6.0.1. I updated my iPhone but not my iPad, so the iPad is still playing just fine. It actually used to work for me to turn match off then on, but that stopped working now. Now it just says "Go to a computer to resubscribe," but of course te computer recognizes the correct expiration date so it doesn't let me resubscribe. Doesn't sound like that would fix the problem anyway.

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    I restored my iPhone from iCloud backup and that still did not fix the issue. I then made a local backup using iTunes and restored using that and iTunes match works again. What an annoyance/waste of time!

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    To Megagram,


    Just one question : when you said, "I then made a local backup using iTunes and restored using that and iTunes match works again", you made a Hard reset before the restoration or only a restoration from the previous backup ?


    Thank's for your answer, because I have the same problem .

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    Because I didn't have time to do the restore I just kept trying to sign in, and eventually it worked. Haven't had the problem since.