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I have a iPhone 4s and a Comcast email account which I access thru the iPhone mail program. Suddenly, I can't get my Comcast email. Not sure what the heck happened. And, I don't want to call Comcast because I know, after being on hold forever, I won't get a correct answer.


So I am reaching out to this group. Can someone email me the set up for Comcast. I have tried everything I could find. Please note I can send emails but can't receieve emails.  Thanks in advance for your help.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    My Settings....


    Incoming Mail Server

    Host Name: mail.comcast.net

    User Name: Don't add @comcast.net, just user your user name



    Primary Server: smtp.comcast.net

    Host Name: smtp.comcast.net

    SSL: Off

    Authentication: Password

    Server Port: 587



    Use SSL: Off

    Authentication: Password

    Server Port: 110

    S/MIME: Off

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    Despite having all the correct settings on my iPhone and my iPad, Comcast has issues with their email service on many devices. Even Outlook on my Mac of all things. It normally sorts itself out in a hour or so (like they were performing maintenance on their servers).


    They just neglect to tell the customers paying for the service which can be frustrating. An alternative is to always try and see if you can get to your inbox via your web browser of choice. Worked for me in a pinch if I was expecting something important.

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    Mine is a little different, when it comes to Advanced.


    Use SSSL: On

    Authentication: Password

    Server Port: 995

    S/MIME: Off


    Everything else is the same.

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    You have the correct settings there Chris.

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    Mine works fine too so there must be multiple settings that are correct.

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    They used to not support getting email on devices that we not on their network (that is how long I've had them). The last time I looked at their settings page was some time back, and I thought there were a couple of ports that work. Actually, I think it may depend on where you were when you added the account (off their network/not at home versus at home).


    Whatever it is, this information should help the OP.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I tried everything you suggested and nothing works. I can not receive email. I called Comcast, they gave me similar suggestions and I was discussing the situation with the rep and suddenly lost the connection Did they call me back (since I entered my phone number and they verified it???) that answer would be "no"..

    I will try again tomorrow. Again many thanks, I appreciate the support from this community.

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    Have you tried deleting the account and adding it back in again? What is being displayed on the screen when you attempt to receive mail. Is it a password or user problem? Usually receiving mail is the easy part, most problems surround sending mail.