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Hi! My Power Mac is from 2008, and I'm in the middle of replacing my hard drive. Here's a summary of what I've gone through, including various trouble shooting...


OK, the hard drive dies (all of which I wrote about in an earlier thread and, I think, not very relevant for this thread). While waiting to buy my replacement, I created an external bootable drive, hooked up via FW800. I created a new User Account, and then I used the Migration Assistant to bring in all the user settings, files, etc, from my Time Machine. It took many hours and and during the stage when it was transferring files, it gave me the prompt: "There might be a problem with your network. The other Mac is not responding. Make sure that all of your network devices are connected and turned on. Also, make sure that your Ethernet cables are still connected properly to your computer and to the network, or if using AirPort, that the base station is in range and turned on." After clicking "Continue" got me nowhere, I clicked Cancel, and it was a very incomplete migration [no apps, no files]. I didn't sweat this since this external drive is a temporary solution anyway.


Tonight I came home with the new internal drive, installed it, installed Leopard, and began the Setup Assistant. I got the same prompt as last night. NOTE: This time with Setup Assistant; last night was with Migration Assistant.


I notice from reviewing the boards that this Time Machine glitch seemed to happen a few years ago, in Leopard, and maybe hasn't happened since. But I haven't read a thread with a solution. (Maybe I missed it?)


A few things come to mind:

1. Could there be an issue with the fact that the computer is only 10.5 and many of the files/apps may have been installed when I was running 10.5.8? I'm just tossing that out there. For instance, what if I set up an initial User account, then updated the software to 10.5 and THEN used Migration Assistant to bring in the older account?

2. Soon, since I'm reinstalling Leopard, I'll get the prompt to use Setup Assistant, and this time I'll just select account settings and apps. I'll bring in the files manually, later. Since the progress window seems to get hung up during the file-transferring stage, maybe I'll have better luck if I skip that.


If anyone has any suggestions, man, I'd be way grateful!



Mac Pro 2.8GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)