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Today, the pictures that were in chronological (print number) order in albums and also in the complete photo listing on the iPad are no longer in chronological order. I synched at the end of the day yesterday. No updates were done today nor any photos added. All the folders were showing correctly yesterday. The photos in iPhoto on the Mac are unchanged and still in the correct order in folders. Some groups pictures in a folder on the iPad can be in order within the album while others can be widely separted from photos they should be next to.


I went through each album on the Mac and changed the order from ascending to descending and although it did cause a change on the iPad, they are still in mixed order. I have changed sorting multiple times and resynched with no change other than what the first picture is in each folder. Before synching again, I unchecked all the albums under pictures in iTunesand synched. The boxes were checked again and resynched with nothing still in correct order. I also deleted photos in two of the albums on the Mac and then put the pictures back in. When syncing it did show that photos were being added to the iPad, but still were out of order.


All eleven albums are affected in iPhoto. It is not related to folder size which varies from 3 pictures to nearly 400.


I have shut down the iPad multiple times and restarted with no changes.


The problem is only on the iPad. Pictures in random order on the iPad is an unsatisfactory situation if one is trying to show pictures of an event that should be seen in order.

iPad, iOS 5
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    Updated information


    I am on an original iPad so I am still running the previous iOS


    I further experimented and changed from date sort (which would be prefered) to title sort and now the pictures are in order as they were previously.


    One drawback is that I have one album with pictures from several different sources and cameras as well as some with a title (such as from scans) rather than a frame designation. Those are no longer in the sequence taken. Date sort is very much prefered.

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    I have a similar problem. I used to have my photos arranged in chronological order according to the dates the photo were taken. Everythng was fine up until this morning when I installed the iPhoto update.


    now when I sync my iphone, ALL of my albums in the phone contain photos arranged in the wrong order.  They seem to be arranged according to the date the photos were imported or edited.


    when I sync my second iphone, the same thing happened, the photos got rearranged.

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    I had forgotten about the recent iPhoto update.


    Your observation about the dates is logical since most my my pictures go through Photoshop to be "cleaned up", sometimes more than once.


    Looks like they screwed up the update so it doesn't sync on what the original frame information is or preference is checked.


    I will continue to use frame name sort until Apple fixes this.

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    I had the same problem, and resolved it (at least at the moment I have) by deleting all my accounts on all devices from iCloud, ensuring that iphoto was up to date, and in the order I wanted, then signed back in again on all devices, and synced as per. It is currently working for me.

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    That might be one cause and solution, but I do not use iCloud at all, but sync direct to iPad by cable or WiFi.


    The sync is appearing to use the updated phot'os date for sorting rather than the original frame date.