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Fixed layout books have a fixed font size.

The big question now is if older books are readable with ipad mini. it seems that this device is attractive to be bought as a reader, because it is light.


there must be a simple rule as: 16 px verdana is ok.

does anybody have experience with it? actually in the moment some don't want to buy it only to answer this single question.

I tend to use 17 px (for verdana) for new books to make them readable on all ipads. but in consequence all older books must be updated, sometimes with problematic results regarding layout.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Go into the nearest Apple Store and exercise one there, if you like.

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    there is the problem that I can't install my own books to ipads in the store, and I don't have informations about the font size used in other books.

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    No one suggested you try _your_ books there.


    Find a website designed to show fonts for testing - try it on your current iPad - take that url on your iPad with you and try it in the store on a mini to compare live. Google is your friend for those sites...

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    however,-  if I should get some reliable information about the issue of suitable font sizes for the mini ipad, I will publish it here.

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    If you buy an iPad mini, you can share that info as well . After all, the only info that will help you is for you test your books on an actual device, right?


    Just because you find anecdotal reports, doesn't mean you'll have info you can trust. I think, tho, that if you've seen your books on any device, you already have a good idea of their usability, etc.


    Good luck.

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    My iPad mini arrived on Friday (for testing purposes of course ). 


    The smallest typeface I have in a IBA iBook is Helvetica Neue Light 9pt, I would say this is at the absolute limit of readability on the mini's low-res screen.

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    wow, that sounds promising.

    the smallest font I ever used was 14,5 px.

    actually, on the "normal" ipad it seemed small to me, and a few people said so too.

    but it seems that readabilty of mini is not dramatically worse...

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    I was certainly surprised at how little the difference was between iPad3, it really isn't that much worse at all.


    14.5pt should be fine, I have body text in 14pt Helvetica Neue Light and it reads as easy as any newspaper or magazine on the mini.