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Not sure if anyone can help me on here?  Just tried to download the latest itunes update.  Unfortunately the download froze and removed my itunes short cut from my desktop.  When I tried to unfreeze the update my entire pc froze so I had to restart.


Restarting has meant that my entire itunes has gone - there is no shortcut icon on my desktop and when I search on my system for itunes it has the previous libraries but I don't know how to get the normal itunes view back?


When I plug in my ipod it just charges, but nothing more.  It doesn't recognise my itunes library.  I really don't want to reinstall itunes as this will mean I have to start all over again with my music doesn't it?


Can anyone assist me please?  Is it still on my PC and can be located without me having to reinstall the full itunes program?