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Tracy E Level 1 Level 1 (125 points)

Is there any way to get rid of, or change the color of, that bright yellow box around the selected view? It is quite distracting given the new darker color scheme, and it makes it difficult to judge and adjust colors in the view.



  • BenB Level 6 Level 6 (8,615 points)

    It shows you the boundaries of what you've selected.  It can be very helpful.


    These are the Guides/Dynamic Guides.  Turn them on/off in the View menu, top right of the Canvas.

    Adjust the color in the Canvas section of the Preferences (Command-commma).

  • Tracy E Level 1 Level 1 (125 points)

    Thanks Ben, but no it's not the selection box I am talking about. I am asking about the yellow outline around the currently active view window when more than one view is active. There is no on/off for it in View and no color adjustment in Prefs for it that I can find.



  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6 (9,300 points)

    That tells you what window is active. It's bulit into Motion and can't be turned off.

  • BenB Level 6 Level 6 (8,615 points)

    If you turned it off, you'd have really no clue which view you were acting upon.

  • Tracy E Level 1 Level 1 (125 points)

    Yes. The real issue is how bright it is on the new darker interface. It really gets in the way when doing composition and color work on the canvas. I imagine at some point Apple will add a preference to change the color. Or at least I hope so.

  • BenB Level 6 Level 6 (8,615 points)

    It gets in the way of what?  It's the border of your image, it's not on top of anything.  I don't understand how it gets in the way.  Just curious as to what your experience is.

  • fox_m Level 5 Level 5 (4,635 points)

    Go back to the single  View Layout -- that yellow border does not exist if there is only one view. You can change back after your color corrections.

  • Tracy E Level 1 Level 1 (125 points)

    Hi Ben. It has to do with wanting a dark or neutral background when designing, correcting photos in Photoshop and other color-related tasks. The lack of a neutral background is distracting (especially in a dark room with Motions new dark interface) and it influences your color choices.


    It's not big deal, I was just hoping to find a way to turn it off since I often design with multiple windows open. Fox_m's advice is good. Just turn off the other windows. For now, that's what I will do until Apple gives me a preference so I can set it to a medium gray.