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I was running an xsan on 10.6 server with the client and the metadatacontroller on the same machine. I recently upgraded to 10.7 server and 2.3 and i am getting the error fsmpm not running. I have researched extensively and have tried all the known solutions.



Any help would be appreciated

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    You saw this, right? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2923


    Are you still using one system as client and MDC? If you now have multiple Xsan systems, does the error affect all systems or just one/some?


    Did the IP address of your system change? Make sure that the IP address of the MDC(s) in /Library/Preferences/Xsan/fsnameservers matches the current IP address of the MDCs. If it doesn't, fsmpm will bail out when it can't talk to an fsnameserver.


    If fsmpm isn't actually running (check the process list to be sure), check the nssdbg.out log to see what's happening when fsmpm tries to start. /Library/Logs/Xsan/debug/nssdbg.out


    Make sure you're not trying to do anything crazy like using WiFi for your metadata network.