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Importing ics files into iCal is the problem, but first here is the background on why I'm trying to import.


I have an iMac and iPad, and recently changed my iPhone 3G for an iPhone 4S.  Having got the iPhone 4S I have now set up all my devices to use iCloud.  In moving iCal to iCloud an extra calendar was created "automatically" in iCal, called "Me".  This "Me" calendar contains a partial duplicate of my main calendar, which is called "My Calendar".  In fact, some of the events from "My Calendar" seem to have been moved to "Me", and some have been duplicated.


It seems as it I now need to merge the "Me" and "My calendar" calendars to get back to where I was.


I have tried to export one of the calendars and then re-import it into the other.  The export seems to work fine, but every single time I try to re-import the ics file iCal crashes at the end of the import process, and the import is not completed.


Can anyone help?  This has been driving me absolutely crazy today!


I even tried manually moving events from one calendar to another, but they reappeared.  I think this was because my iPhone/iPad were re-syncing via iCloud and overwriting the changes I had just made.


I don't mind if I end up with one calendar with duplicates as I can remove them with iCal Dupe Deleter.


Or if there are any other alternative solutions I'd love to hear them!


All help greatly appreciated!


(P.S. Is it just me, or is Apple software slowly getting as unreliable as Windows used to be?  I get more problems with software updates now than when I first got a Mac about 8 years ago!)

iMac (24-inch Early 2009), OS X Mountain Lion