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Hello Everyone and thank you for reading this post.


I have a last generation PowerBook G4 which I wanted to give to a family member since I've upgraded to a newer MacBook Pro.


I started by wiping the hard drive on the PB (in Target Disk Mode) using the Disk Utility application on the MBP using a FireWire 400 <-> FireWire 800 cable.


I verified and repaired the PB HD, no issues found... but that's when things started going bad.  I'm unable to boot from the Tiger Install DVD when I restart the PB (holding down C).  I get as far as selecting the language, at which point the mouse/trackpad work for a second before freezing up.  I'm not able to select a language and that's as far as it goes.


I've also reset the ram and pram (ald+cmd+r+p) with no luck


My latest attempt has been to use the MBP's Disk Utility to partition the HD on the PB (over FireWire) and I also created a Image of the Tiger Install DVD on my MBP. I used the Disk Utility option "scan image for restore" and it checked out ok.


After successfully creating 2 partitions on the PB HD and using Disk Utility to Restore the Tiger Install DVD image to the smaller partition (10GB), I booted the PB holding the Alt key.  As expected it found the Tiger Install DVD image on the HD, I clicked the arrow to continue.


At that point the grey screen with the apple logo appears and after a while it changes to a "forbidden" sign.  Not getting much information from that I rebooted in Verbose mode (Cmd+V) to see what was going on. The attached image is what I see, unfortunately I don't know much about what it is telling me.



Lastly, I thought the RAM might have gone bad and so I removed one of the 2 ram sticks with no luck.  I haven't tried the other RAM stick on it's own yet.


I know this community is full of smart people that might have some suggestion as to what is going on.  Here is hoping someone has an idea to help me along.



PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I started by wiping the hard drive on the PB (in Target Disk Mode) using the Disk Utilityapplication on the MBP using a FireWire 400 <-> FireWire 800 cable.


    Did you format the G4 as Apple Partition map? You select this under options in the partition window. See Picture for example.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 4.05.42 PM.jpg

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    Hello Dalstott;


    Thanks for your suggestion and apologies for my late reply.  You're right, I hadn't been paying attention to the partition scheme.


    I repartitoned the hard drive (this time watching out for the partition scheme) and tried again, however I'm not out of the woods yet.


    With both partitions properly formatted, I restored to the Tiger install DVD image on the smaller one and booted from it.


    I booted in Cmd+V mode to see what was going on and it seemed to be doing ok, then the screen switched from the verbose output over to the language selection (beginning of the operating system install).  However it will get stuck there within a few seconds.  The mouse is initially responsive, but after 3-5 seconds the cursor (and keyboard inputs) freeze. 


    I've tried now a couple of times to click through as many menus as possible before the keyboard/mouse inputs freeze. Sometimes, I get as far as selecting the hardrive to install the operating system on before the clock runs out.


    Any idea whould could be going on?  Could this be a RAM issue?


    Thanks for your advice.

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    It looks like you are in need of a new hard drive or other hardware to me. I reccomend seeing an Apple Genius.

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    Another update to this:


    I just swapped hard drives and I'm still running with similar issues.  I don't think it is  the hard drive or the RAM (since I've run with ony one or the other stick, hoping only one of them is bad)


    I think something may be hosed on my mother board.


    Could this be the end of my trusty PowerBook G4?