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So a drunk hispanic man tried to fight me as I was walking home and my phone fell out of my pocket and hit the ground.

What are my options here? I bought this phone 2 weeks ago and now there's a crack along the bottom and center of the screen. It's still functional and if the warranty doesn't cover this, I want to be able to try and fix it myself as soon as I can buy a screen.

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    Warranty, by definition, makes sure the product you buy works as advertised, and you get 1 year for free with the iPhone. Once we enter the realm of accidental damage, that's not a warranty issue, that's more an insurance issue.


    Apple doesn't give you an insurance when you buy the iPhone. So it's not "covered."


    However, if you purchased AppleCare+ when you bought your iPhone, they will give you a replacment iPhone for a $49 service fee twice in the two year coverage.


    Otherwise they replace the device for a service fee. To find out exactly how much, I recommend calling into Apple and asking.

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    If I didn't, do I still get the 30 days of Applecare+ for free? I bought this at a verizon store by the way.

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    AppleCare Plus is not "free". AppleCare Plus must be purchased within the first 30 days of your phone purchase, & if you have not purchased it, you won't be able to now, with a cracked screen.

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    "What are my options here?"

    Call the police and stop trolling.

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    The warranty covers manufacturing defects. Damage caused by dropping your phone (even when caused by drunkards) is certainly not the manufacturers responsibility. Claim on your insurance (if you have it) or pay for a replacement / repair.

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    Hi does warranty stand when you haven't dropped your phone and there was likely a screen fault from purchase? In my case I purchased the iphone 5 and had it for less than a week before I crack appeared on the screen. I didn't drop the phone and am sure I didn't knock it on anything yet a crack still appeared. I must admit because of the reflection at first glance the crack is difficult to see. I just figured that it may have been cracked from when I purchased the phone and the crack grew over the space of a few days of use. I have purchased most iphone models including 3/4/4s and have never had a crack on the screen. I just find it very hard to believe I damaged it from every day use unless the screen are very week campared to it's predecessors.