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I was updating my iPad via iTunes 10.7 on my  Windows computer running Windows Hate I mean 8 and all was going ok. It got to the step of verifying updated software about 80 % bar full and is like stuck there for 20 minutes now. I am thinking it is being non-responsive.


I really don't wish to go through a freaking restore. I have had sync issues all night and finally had a backup complete and then at beginning at restore, I had a message that some purchased apps were missing from library (again) but chose to continue.


f this is non-responsive, is there an easier way to get it to be responsive again? I turned off firewall and A/V in case it was that. Unfortunately, according to apple whitenote it says restart .... ugh


Anyone else seeing this issue? No, never was jailbroken everything was fine until tried to sync tonight, had iCloud issues finally resolved, backup issues finally resolved, and now this.


Is it Windows HATE?


Guess I have to restart and restore ... ugh

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1