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When I want to submit a job in Compressor 4.05 the name/cluster/priority-window pops up but the 'submit' button there is greyed out.

I tried to run a small programm called Compressor_Repair but of no avail. Effectively Compressor 4.05 is useless now.


Until the last upgrade to 4.05 Compressor has always functioned.


Now what? Please don't tell me I have to uninstall Compressor and delete files from over 10 different folders before reinstalling again.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    vjstalker wrote:


    Please don't tell me I have to uninstall Compressor and delete files from over 10 different folders before reinstalling again.

    Are your OS updates current?


    When you ran Compressor Repair, did you have it trash permissions. If you didn't, make sure that checkbox is checked and re-run.


    If it didn't cure the problem, I would in fact uninstall. Go back to Digital Rebellion and get their FCS Uninstaller and use that tool.  Then reinstall and repair permissions.


    Good luck.



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    Thanks Russ, but it didn't help as much as I'd liked it to do...

    Uninstalled using the Digital Rebellion tool, then rebooted and reinstalled Compressor4 again.

    Still the grey button.


    On a sidenote, and not really important right now, I don't understand why Apple hasn't revamped Compressor in line with FCPX and Motion. Alas...


    Anyone else has a clue what to do to get rid of the grey button?

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    Puzzling. Just want to verify you did trash the preferences – either by checking that box in Digital Rebellion Repair splash window – or by using their Preference Manager?


    Now here's one person's interesting solution to a similar problem,…it's the last post that I'm talking about.


    Let us know what happens.



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    Thanks again.

    I tried the solution offered at Creative Cow but it didn't do the trick.

    Tomorrow I'll call Applecare and ask what to do.

    I just got my MBP returned from a big repair (logicboard replaced) so that might be part of the problem?


    Thanks for your efforts Russ, appreciated!

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    Well. The Digital Rebellion uninstaller didn't help. I cleared Compressor4 and Qmaster and then reinstalled latest Compressor4 (to 4.06 and updated FCPX and Motion5 to latest versions as well).


    Still grey button.


    Haven't called Applecare yet. I ope they think of something I haven't come up with yet

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    Called Applecare today. There was no quick solution and I'll receive an email with follow-up steps to make another user account and see if it happens again. Hopefully I can resolve the problem myself, otherwise I have to go back to Applecare and pay €90 for further support since it's been over 90 days that I purchased the "professional software".

    In fact it's cheaper to purchase again


    This is the full mail I received from Applecare, except signature:


    Hi Jerome,





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    Just re-reading this thread, it's unclear whether you used Disk Utility to repair permissions after you reinstalled/updated Compressor.


    As I noted in another thread. I ran into some issues after I did the most recent update. Although my submit button was active, my clusters pane said None. No problem (I thought); so I trashed preferences and relaunched…no change. Next I ran Compressor Repair and relaunched…again, no change. Then uninstalled and reinstalled…no change. Finally, I repaired permissions in DU, relaunched…this time, success – including giving me the choice of my Quick Cluster.


    Again, good luck with your problem.