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I have recently viewed on YouTube, a person who goes by the name "EverythingAppleProHere". Is the information this person posts legitimate or can it be trusted? What are his credentials for posting this information?



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    You are not speaking with Apple employees here - this is a user to user forum and unless someone were to personally know the person you are referring to (who could be located anywhere in the world), how would we know if s/he is legitimate? Having said that, I generally only trust a tech or instructional video if it is produced by the company making the software or hardware - in other words, unless I am sure of the answer, I do not trust anything on Youtube, Facebook, or wherever - I don't believe you need any credentials to post on any of these.


    PS - I just did a google search and it appears they are promoting things that are not supported by Apple (to put it mildly). So that means you can't get any help for it here and you'd proceed at your own risk.

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    Do not trust this information at all - it contains hacking information, which as babowa said, Apple clearly does not support. I recall we had a user by the name "EverythingApplePro" here, but they were banned, if memory serves.

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    Yea, I thought it sounded and looked very suspicious. I appreciate your feedback very much.

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    I agree with you but I just had to hear it from someone that knows more than me about that kind of stuff. Thank you very much and I appreciate your feedback to me.

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    idrive --


    Thanks very much for posting this concern here.  Because you took the time to let Apple know, I'm sure this will be taken care of very shortly.