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I noticed that many of my posts written on an iPad in a facebook group did not show up on my iPhone. And many of the posts were not visible to other iPhone users.


Have anyone had trouble with this, or knows how to solve this?

  • worksafe Level 2 (180 points)

    Not sure but this might help. It seems this is a Facebook problem, not a Apple problem.


    http://www.cio.com/article/720599/How_to_Ensure_Facebook_Posts_You_Want_to_See_A ren_t_Hidden

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    There are settings in Facebook that set which or how many posts you might see. To easily change these setting I suggest using a computer and go to your Facebook account in a web browser.

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    Thank you for the answer.


    However this is not totally the same error that i had.


    My issue is visible to me because i can see my own post on the iPad, but not on the iPhone, logged on to the same account.

    However a small simularity with the symptom that my posts isnt visible to some people.

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    Thank you for the answer.


    Im not sure what setting you reffer to but will check that out if you can tell me where to find it.


    But i wonder why such setting could be the cause since all my own posts should be visible on all devices?

    I mean, if there would be a limit, that should be the same for all devices?

  • worksafe Level 2 (180 points)

    Your friends are going to have to change their settings as well on Facebook as well.


    1.Go to any friends FB "page"
    2.Click on the checked "friends" box to the right of your friends name
    3.Below "Show in news feed" click "settings" then click "all updates"-
    Then be sure to thank FACEBOOK for another hassle and their attempt to censor you and your friends!
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    I actually have found more errors like this.


    First, if the post is large, like somewhere in the region of 500-700 characters, written on the computer, the post is only visible on the computer in the forum, in my account.


    Not visible on the iPhone Facebook app.


    By cutting it down to 3 lines , adding the rest as comments, it all shows up in the iPhone aswell.


    The error does not show any error message, it just hides the post from all iPhone users.

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    Also when it comes to posting Photos, i noticed that there are a small note on the web version of facebook, in the security settings. It says that the setting are effective on devices like blackberry, that does not have the option to set viewing rights in the app. However this setting will effect iPhone users aswell, propably even iPad users aswell.


    So to be able to post pictures into groups from the iPhone, you have to preset the setting in security settings on the web, that all pictures shall be visible to everyone! Otherwise only your friends or only yourself will see the post in your own timeline!.


    This really feels like a bug! If you cant post a picture that the facebook forum can see, you should not be able to even try to post a picture. Sending it to the wrong place can go very wrong!