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Hi all,

     I've had my iPhone 4S for almost a year now, and I've replaced it twice.  The first time was because of a stuck sleep/wake button, and the other because my phone had someone else's informaiton on it.  This phone that I have now doesn't have any of those problems, but like the last one I had, this phone supposedly has over 6 GB of audio on it that I can't acces and don't need.  What I mean is, when I plug my phone into my computer to sync it with my iTunes library, the colored storage bar at the bottom of my iPhone page tells me that I have 12.6 GB of audio on my phone.  My iTunes library in total is only 6.19 GB.  It is very frustrating.  I've considered restoring my phone and setting it up as a new one, but I'd rather not lose all of my settings and app data if I don't have to.  I've tried restoring from iCloud and restoring from iTunes, but neither has alleviated the problem.  Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know, but I just want this problem resolved.  I have an iPhone 4S and I'm running iOS 6.0.1.  The computer I sync my phone with is running Windows 7 with the latest version of iTunes available.  Thank you!




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    The 1068 items refers only to the Music section of your Library in iTunes. But the "audio" of 12.6GB on your phone also includes any Podcasts and audiobooks, as well as any music you've purchased from the ITunes Store directly onto your phone but not yet transfrerred to your iTunes Library. So do you have either of those media types on your iPod or any music you have not yet Synced back to the Library? If so, check those sections in your Library in the same way as you did for the music, or Sync the new music back to the Library.


    If that isn't the cause of the extra audio, perhaps you should start by comparing your phone's lists with your iTunes Library, to see if you can spot any glaring extras on the phone.


    If your Library does not show the Column Browser like this;



    then make it so, like this...



    and then check the total number of albums in the Library (top of the Albums column) with the number on your phone. On the phone, go into the Music/Albums menu and at the very bottom (on my iPod Touch) is the number of albums. You can also find the total number of Artists and genres on the phone in the same way.


    Once you find where the difference is, narrow the search down by checking individual artists or genres etc.


    You haven't accidently managed to put two copies of all your music onto the phone, have you?

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    Thank you very much, fiend!  I feel pretty silly, as I'm an IST major I actually discovered the entire audio bible which I forgot I stuck on my phone a while back....  On my phone I can easily remove it by going to Settings > Usage > Music > At the top of this list there is every section of the audio bible, and I justhit edit and use the red minus signs to the left of each section.  However, I do not know how to take it off of my iTunes library on my computer.  It's not under podcasts or audiobooks and it's not in my music library (of course).  It had been in a separate playlist, but I removed that.  Do you know how I could remove it from my library without deleting if from my computer?

    Again, thank you very much I feel silly

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    I'm sorry, It's actually Settings > General > Usage > Music on my phone.  Just in case that helps.

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    Perhaps it has already removed from your Library, that would explain why you cannot find it in there. Do you use iCloud (which I don't know much about)? Maybe the audio came from there.


    I use an iPod Touch, not an iPhone, so I don't have a Usage section in Settings, so I'm "guessing" a bit here about where the audio came form.


    To answer your specific question; when you want to delete something from your iTunes Library, but not from the computer, there are some cruicial differences, depending on which media type you are deleting. Apps will simply be deleted - full stop. So it may be prudent to make a copy ogf your Apps "just in case". But when you delete music, iTunes should ask you if you want to delete, or keep, the original file. You simply need to highlight it and then select Edit/Delete.

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    Thank you again, fiend.  It's not from iCloud because I didn't purchase it.  I'll try to move it to a different folder and see if I can hifde it from iTunes that way, seeing as I can't find it in any actual libraries.  Let me know if you think of anything! ONe more question; would Apple support refuse to help me over the phone if I don't have AppleCare since this problem is more iTunes related and not iPhone related?

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    I'm a liitle confused about why you need to "delete it from your iTunes Library" and "hide it from iTunes" if you already cannot find it in iTunes. If you can't find it, then surely it's not there?


    But, if I've misunderstood you, and you move it but it still pops up in iTunes again, then perhaps you have chosen to have iTunes automatically import all audio in to iTunes, no matter where it is on your computer.


    If it keeps appearing on your iPhone, then I presume it must be in iTunes somewhere, so you must surely be able to see it? The only other alternative is that these audio files are being sent to your phone, as an attachment to something else.


    As for Apple's phone support, as far as I know, it's there to help new purchasers with setting up issue. For ongoing support, they provide this forum, where users can help each other.

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    Have you got any networking set up with your phone/iTunes?

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    By "hide" I meant move the files to a different place on my computer so that iTunes wouldn't know whre to find it... similar to deleting a .mp3 that's in your iTunes library-- iTunes wouldn't know where it is so it wouldn't be able to sync it to your devices.  I can't find it anywhere. I've checked every spot I could in iTunes for the files but could not find them at all.  I agree it must be somewhere in iTunes... somewhere that I can't find And I have Wi-Fi syncing enabled, if that's what you mean by networking.

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    The only thing I can suggest is to remove all the audio from the iPhone, by unticking the Sync Music option. Does that remove the phantom content?


    If it does, then try Syncing back selected Playlists until you find the one that puts this audio onto your phone.


    If not and the audio stays on the phone, then although we can assume it's not Syncing from iTunes, it still remains a mystery about how it's getting onto your phone and at that point, I think I'm out of ideas - even more so now I've read your other thread!.


    Sorry I can't sort this out.

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    One more thing has occurred to me.


    Make sure you can see the Shared libraries. If you have them hidden, but there is one in there, that could be a source of your trouble.