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I am trying to Deauthorize All in my iTunes, but get the message about the one year wait.  I am told to wait until Novemver 4th, 2012 to Deauthorize All.  Well, it is November 4th, 2012 in all time zones in North America that I am aware of, so when can I use this feature?  Does it reallly mean to say after November 4th?


If that's the case, and the popup is inaccurate and I have to wait another day, fair enough.  Sorry if I seem impatient, I am eager to finally stop computer thieves from enjoying free iTunes content any more than they already have for the past year.


I am using a PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and my iTunes is version


Thank you in advance for any responses.

Windows 7
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    Wow, settle down, don't everybody rush to answer at once....


    Update: Apparentlly the date you are told to wait to Deauthorize All (if you are using all 5 alotted authorizations and have Deauthorized All at some point in the past year) is incorrect.  It is the day after your one year mark that you can use "Deauthorize All".


    Or it was just me.  I guess I'll never know.