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I have Windows XP SP3 installed on my Macbook Pro. When I installed Windows originally it failed to completely install BootCamp drivers, so I don't have advanced trackpad and keyboard features. I've downloaded the latest BootCamp drivers v3.2 that still run XP, but I always get a message saying that "the installer has encountered an unexpected error installin this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2753." I don't have anything in C:/Program Files/Bootcamp (It doesn't exist), and the Bootcamp icon in Control Panel doesn't work.


I can't install, remove, or repair the drivers, not even using the software that came with my Mac OS X install DVD. On the Mac side, I'm running Snow Leopard. I've searched Google for help and couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas? I've already gone through the registry and removed a bunch of Apple-related stuff, but it didn't help.


Thanks! Shayne

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Looks like I found the answer to my own question here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4410# . I have the Macbook Pro from "early 2011" which does not support Windows XP. Well, at least it runs more or less all right! I just need to figure out how to get right-click to work on my trackpad. Does anyone know how to do that if all the fancy trackpad gestures are disabled?

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    No, actually...I guess I have the Macbook Pro from mid-2010 because I got mine right before the new ones with Thunderbolt I/O came out. So my computer should support XP. However my drivers are still corrupted, and I can't repair or reinstall Boot Camp. Does anyone know how to get the drivers working without reinstalling Windows?


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    At last I got it all to work. I had to go into the registry and delete all references to Apple software and drivers. Some of the entries were locked, and I had to change permissions to allow me to delete them, which was probably the reason the installer kept failing. I finally got Boot Camp 3.0 installed off the Snow Leopard DVD and then upgraded to 3.2. I had a hickup with the trackpad drivers which didn't work, but I found a fix online -- the drivers labeled "TouchPad" were banged out, and I had to switch them to Generic USB Human Interface and then back to Apple TrackPad drivers, which fixed the problem. Now everything is working beautifully with multi-gesture touch pad and keyboard extensions. Yay!!!!!