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I travel a fair amount and it seems like about 20% of the time I can't get Apple Mail to work. I can neither send nor receive messages. Most locations I have no issue, which makes me think its more the provider rather than any settings on my computer. Right now, I'm hooked up via an ethernet cable at a Best Western and I'm having no look with Apple Mail. Since I'm checking six different accounts, some IMAP, some POP, some gmail, some other provider, I'm not all that keen on tweaking and changing my settings every where I go. Where I was this morning (private residence of a friend) I had no problem.


Is there any way around this? I'm not all that keen on using webmail for six different places.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You really need to discuss this with the motel's IT. It's not the computer's problem unless you have turned on the firewall or have proxies installed.


    I've had similar problems when on the road. I just use a browser access to the webmail access. Usually that's less time consuming than trying to "fix" it at the motel.

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    Why does it happen and what would I discuss with the motel's IT? Seldom do I find that they even have one. I really don't want to use my browser as I have too many accounts in too many places, and I use Apple Mail to track and record all my replies, etc.


    Sure seems there could be another fix?



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    The main reason I would guess is blocked IP addresses somewhere along the line. Just ask the hotel's IT why you cannot connect to your email service from their system.