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I have been having issues getting photos to display in the correct order on my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. When I go into an event I want the first photo taken to be at the top and the last at the bottom. I sort by date so that photos taken on different cameras at the same event appear in chronological order and this works very well in iPhoto on my Mac. There is a problem when I sync to my devices though. Sometimes the order on my devices is the same as in iPhoto on my Mac and other times it is not. A recent software update seems to have cured the major issue, but created another. After some experimentation I have discovered that editing a photo changes its position in the sort, even if the adjustment has nothing to do with the date.


I picked a sample event and adjusted the contrast of the first photo. There was no change to sort order on the Mac. I hit sync in iTunes and the photo now displays last on my iPhone. Go back into iPhoto, click on "Revert to Original", sync iTunes again and the photo now displays first again. Seems like a bug to me.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhoto 11
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    you are not alone.  in fact this seems to be happening to every one i know after the last ios update.

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    Same to me: photos order in iPhoto is correct, not in my iDevices. Seems to be a bug in iOS 6.0.1... Is not good because I don't believe in an early iOS update... :(

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    sounds like an IOS issue - not an iPhoto issue - ask in the forum for your IOS device



  • siwilson Level 1 (0 points)

    If it's iOS then it is widespread as I see it on my iPhone 5 (6.0.1), iPad 1 (5.1.1) and Apple TV2 and TV3 (5.1 5201)

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    I have same problem. I want the photo sequence within each event on ipad to be exactly the same as in iPhoto on my iMac

  • neilberg Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have have the same issue and have been on the phone with Apple Care....not much help I'm afraid although I do believe something is broken and requires a fix. Here is what I have found (all software up to date and latest OS BTW)....I have sorted all my pictures by Date, if I want to add a straggler I just alter the original date and all is well within the event.  I then "batch change" the event to the tile and event name. So the pictures in the event are named " Holiday 2012  1-xxx.  Again, all is well in iPhoto but when sent to an iPad or Apple TV the sort is as siwilson mentioned above.  I just discovered a temp work around for events with less than 1000 pictures, if I sort by Title I can get them to show correctly on the ATV and iPad. Now what was/is interesting is somethimes they would sort correct and sometimes not.  It turns out that if you sort the event by Title and quit iPhoto and reopen has reverted back to sort by Date. It does that everytime. So what I do is turn home sharing off in iTunes (forces it to look at the photos again), open an iPhoto event and sort by Title.  Then I turn home sharing on in iTunes (leaving iPhoto open) and sync my iPad.  If I want ot stream photos to my ATV I must leave iPhoto open so the sort remains as I set it. If I want to retain the correct sort this is what I need to do each time. So this is a bandage for me until they fix things.  One final about pictures over sorts them as mentioned above with another twist, numbering goes 0001, 1000, 1001, 1002 etc.  @#$% why can't they just sort the way iPhoto presents them?

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    after the latest aperture update the sorting order is still wrong.  is it a problem with ios?  so disappointing.  i think this sort of bug needs urgent fixing

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    As I mentioned above, there is an issue with iPhoto retaining the sort order when changed from Date to Title....when iPhoto quits it defaults back to Date. That is one issue and if I keep everything open during the sync or when ATV is streaming it works fine.  I also believe that iTunes has an issue in the way that it passes on the info to the devices. There may also be something going on with iOS as well, to many variables for me to keep track of. There is a new version of iTunes coming soon, hopefully that will address this.

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    I have been getting frustrated from the same problem. Very annoying!!!


    The quick "semi fix" that works for me is;

    • select all of the photo's in iphoto. Hopefully you already have them in the correct order.
    • You then select batch change, whish is under the photo option on the grey home bar.
    • What I then did was reset the the photo to display "title" from the drop down
    • Next select "text" from the drop down
    • Final check the tick box that asks if you wish to "append a number to each photo".
    • Sync your photos to your iphone or ipad and confirm the photos to replace the originals
      • Probably best to just remove then all first by un-syncing them
    • When you re-sync the photos you will notice that the photos appear in the phot library on your device in the correct order, unfortunately when viewed through the album or event option the problem remains.


    Hope the aobve helps in the mean time.

  • 3336 Level 1 (0 points)

    iphoto / aperture updated -->  not fixed

    new itunes updated --> still not fixed


    are we waiting for an ios update to fix this??

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    I have the same problem. When is coming an update? It takes a long time!

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    For what this is worth....I commented on this way back and may be able to add to it somewhat.  Unfortunately with no fix.  I am at this point using a borrowed laptop, my iMac is gone for the time being (long story).  I did a Time Machine restore to the laptop prior to the last iPhoto update.  Everything else has been updated to the latest including any iOS devices.  Right now if I sync to or stream to the picture order is correct. My wife has an iMac as well which is up to date including the latest version of iPhoto.  If I stream from that to my ATV the photos are out of order, if I stream from my laptop the photos are back in order.  The only difference is the last iPhoto update which I will not do.  I will continue to update my wifes and when/if this is finally fixed update mine.  So what I am saying looks like the issue is in iPhoto.

  • bjoyce24 Level 1 (30 points)

    Same question here iPhoto is messing up on iPhone & iPad also.

  • Tevseric Level 1 (15 points)

    Same issue here: dis-order on my iPod Touch 4th gen. and on my Apple TV 1st. gen.


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