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My iPhone froze twice recently while in sleep mode. I had it in sleep mode for a while, when I cam back on it, nothing happens, non of the buttons are responsive. I had to reset (by holding both home and sleep button 10s) to bring it back to life and reboot.


What surprise me is that the situations were very different, with both iOS versions:

1st time:

- charging during the night (no alarm clock the next morning... ) on charger

- Wi-Fi OFF

- in silent mode

- iOS 6.0


2nd time:

- not connected to either computer or charger : 42% battery after reboot

- Wi-Fi ON

- not in silence mode

- iOS 6.0.1


I could not find any logs referring to these bugs according to their timing in the "Diagnostic & Usage Data" either.


Anyone has an idea  what might cause that ?


Thanks !

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1