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I'm not sure what my daughter did, but she updated her iPod Touch to the latest software version, and now all her apps are gone. I tried rebooting the iPod, then went to the App Store and selected "Prevously Purchased", but it cycles for about a minute, then the app crashes and I am back to the home screen.  Not sure which iPod Touch version this is, but it has a camera.  Perhaps 4?


Update: None of our chords going from iPod to our Macs are working. It does not charge, nor is it being recognized. Are we in trouble here?


Any help would be appreciated.

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    Do you have teh latest iTunes installed? The new operating system will only work with the latest iTunes. So I'd try updating that. You may need to uninstall/reinstall iTunes. You shouldn't lose any content. I've occasionally had to remove/readd iTunes (I have a PC so it's a bit different but same premise)


    Once you've updated iTunes, try plugging your device back in, and you may need to try different ports to get your Mac to 'see' your iPod.


    You can also give your device a reset. Hold down the sleep and home keys, past when you see the red power down slider, and until you see the silver apple. Let it reboot. That often clears any glitches preventing the computer from seeing the device.

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    Wonderfully, I found that using an iHome dock showed that it can be recharged. While sitting on the dock, I rebooted it. Now the cords seem to work and my iMac can see it. Now I have some control.  I am currently restoring it. If that works well enough, maybe I can get the purchased apps back. Here's hoping.

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    Update:  I was able to do a complete Restore, but did not backup, went full factory settings. Amazing, when trying to access the original purchases from the iTunes store, the APP Store crashes still... even on factory settings!

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    Then you will have to redownload to your computer and sync.