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How to block certain cookies?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    You aren't telling us too much but if your profile is up to date, the first thing to do is bring you OS up to date and add the combo updaters too.   You should be at least 10.5.8 if not into Snow leopard.   Can't tell without the forementioned.


    That will also update your Safari and from that point you will need to review that version's cookie protection.

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    The cookies are shown in Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab > Details.

    In stead of deleting particular cookies I don't want on my computer, there should be a possibility to block them.

    By the way, I run Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and is updated.

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    If it further helps, I read recently an answer from Thomas Reed, one of our top people, who suggested cookies should not carry the notorious reputation they do.


    I must admit to being a touch wary of them and I use a cookie killer called 'Cookie', believe it or not.   Comes from the App Store and is about £2 at the moment.  This removes them as you wish, but not permanently; it also removes flash cookies, a more dangerous breed.   I will see if I can find Thomas Reed's thread; I'm sure he won't mind me repeating it for you.

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    This is the note Thomas wrote a day or so ago.


    Cookies have a worse reputation than they deserve. They actually cannot contain any executable code. They can only contain data, and only data that the user provides. So they're really not as dangerous as many people like to claim.

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    It seems I've to continue to delete cookies manually the way I did till now.

    And it is odd that other browsers have the possibility to block certain cookies but Safari doesn't.

    Anyway thanks for your answer.