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  • navwizard Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a theory on this.....


    I was having the same problem with my mini, and oddly, only my mini. (I also have two 3s and an iPhone 4).


    My network name was not something common like Netgear or Linksys, but I "did" use the same SSID at two different locations. I'm thinking if the iPad mini has connected to two different networks with the same name, it gets confused and has trouble connecting or staying connected.


    Netgear and Linksys are pretty common names (the defaults when you buy these routers), so it's not unlikely your iPad has connected to a network with that name before.


    No proof of this, it's just a theory based on observation.





  • Rllanos16 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would agree with that theory ( because I had joined numerous network with the linksys SSID ) except that this is a brand new ipad mini which was a gift for Xmas. And I have yet to take it to another network named linksys.  Only one other wifi network, different SSID.


    I was always impressed how the iPhone 4 and now iPhone 5 were always able to connect to the different networks with the same SSID.



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    My ipad mini has the same problem. Tried several access points, 2 Linksys and Cisco at the office, but all 3 did not work. Tried several things, change security, different wireless channels, no security, changed SSID as mentioned here, resetted the ipad etc.

    Strange is that it did work for about one month without any problems. Went to the Apple store today, and I could connect to the "Apple store" wifi without any problem. Upgraded at the Genius bar to ios 6.0.2 as it mentioned improvements for Wifi. Made a backup at the store and hoped for the best. Now at home and it still does not work. So now I need to go back to the Apple store to get a replacement. I got the first batch of the Ipad mini, bougt it at nov. 2, so maybe there are some issues with the first ones...

    To be continued.

  • MarcelAnthonijsz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Got back to the Apple store, the Ipad got replaced. This one works like a charm!

    Restored my backup at the store, all is ok now. Ipad works at home again! Yoohoo!

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    they just made an update of iOs 6.0.2 that supposedly fixes this issue, I also changed the name of the network so I don't really know if it was fixed with the update

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    I have 6.0.2. I "think" I was still having this issue on that build.


    One thing I forgot to mention is I did have to go to General, Reset, then Reset Network Settings to get things to work.


    Perhaps it's a combination. Once you have 6.0.2, do a reset, then from there on things are good. Otherwise I was still having disconnect problems. After I did that I could connect to the same SID without changing the SID name, but I haven't tried to connect to another SID with the same name yet.





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    I'm also using 6.0.2 and running into this issue on a brand new Mini.  Device worked fine on a network with a custom name, but has the issue on a network with a default name (linksys).  Another symptom of the issue - when you click into the network under Settings > Wifi, there's no option to Forget This Network (as there are when you connect to a network that doesn't have the issue).  Seems the iPad Mini just isn't storing the data.


    I tried the General > Reset > Reset Network Settings process - this didn't do anything to resolve my issue.


    My iPhones, standard iPad, and Macbooks all work fine - it's just the mini.  Why can't it hande the default SSID?


    I guess I'll have to rename the network, though I have a few devices which are a process to reconfigure - what a pain!!!

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    Hi Florida Ken,  I have the same problem as you.  Whenever I turn on the iPad, I have to connect to my guest PW for it to work.  Have two notebooks and no problem there.  Was wondering if you found a solution.  Begonia 23

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    How long will it take you people to understand that it is not the issue, but a solution. Imagine someone created virus for iphones/ipads. The easiest way to distribute the virus is to put wi fi in common place, like mall or even street traffic light. Name regular network Linksys and guest network Netgear. Now every car with iphone/ipad inside (if owner has same network name at home) is going to attempt to connect and will get the virus. Situation is hypothetical, but only for the reason to write that virus, will take a bit more knowledge then regular one for Windows. But distribution channel the way I described is very fast and very efficient. So IOS 6 has a built in failsafe, you need to reconnect yourself. Hence renaming network to original name.

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    Turn the router switch off for ten seconds or fifteen then turn it back on again. It helped me

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    Ipad Mini-IOSv6.0.2  As most have mentioned, I too presumed this would automatically connect to WiFi, as my other devices have, but it did not, so if you've done everything mentioned by these great folks on here, and you still can't connect, here's what I did.

    I reset my Verizon 3-1/2 year old router (Westell 9100EM15-10). Then I added a device, namely an iPad, per Verizon's support pages. I used the ping they gave for my router management page, where I set up a password and user name (it was the same as it had always been) for the router. This page is where you'll get your SSID and WEP keys, if they're not evident on the back or bottom of your router. Then I went to Settings>WiFi>Choose Network---and this is where it had already picked up on my SSID, but would not connect until I entered the WEP key, which was a 10-digit alphanumeric code. Once I entered that, VOILA!

    You might want to check your Server's (Verizon in my case) support pages for adding a device, not the router manufacturer's website.

    I do hope this helps. :-))

  • Begonia 23 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My problem is finally solved.  I called my wi-fi provider (Linksys from Cisco).  The technician worked with me for 2 hours, 45 min. but everything is okay now.  I bought a one-time package for 29 bucks.  Actually I had another problem, not just that the iPads wouldn't stay on the wi-fi network but also that the wi-fi network itself would disconnect quite regularly.  The guy even helped me out with my new computer which has Windows 8. 

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    I ran into this problem. We simply replaced our router. Although it was only 1.5 years old it apparently was too old to successfully connect with my new mini ipad. The problem was solved this easily.

  • Gary 777 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    thank you FS, changed router name now it is auto connecting perfectly......

  • Pipowitch Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I just have had the same problem with my mini.

    It drove me crazy, but then i have read the comments here and it helped !

    I changed the name of my Wi-Fi network and now my IPad automatically connects to the network.