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I've got a new iPad mini that is refusing to automatically connect to my home wifi network. I have to do it manually each time.  However when I took it into the apple shop today it automatically connected to their network.  I have a netgear router and the iPad is running iOS6 which seems to have caused problems for a lot of iPhone and iPad users - should I try downgrading the firmware? Anyone else with this problem?

Solved by FloridaKen on Nov 9, 2012 9:28 AM Solved
I have the same problem that my new ipad mini does not automatically connect to my home network.  I must enter the password after powering up the mini each time.  I use a Linksys router so I wonder if it's not a router problem.
Reply by fromsouth on Nov 10, 2012 6:19 AM Helpful
Did you rename network from default router name to something original? You can't undo solved answer, as far as I know. my mac desktop, my children's MacBooks and my husband's iPhone so it does seem to be an issue with the iPad mini. That is the router's job to build correct routing table for all devices. Just cause it can't build correct table for device number 5 or 10, does not mean it works correctly. JMHO.

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