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Ok not so much a question unless someone can help and tell me where to change a setting but here's the issue.


In the old pre Podcast app days and podcasts played on the iTunes or music app if you were driving along and listening to a podcast and your phone rang, you could take the call and then when the call ended the podcast you were listening to would automatically start playing from where it paused whilst you were on the phone - music does this still.


But now Apple have made it stop and so whilst driving you have to fiddle around pressing play whilst driving. In some states of Australia just holding your phone is now illegal - so fiddling whilst driving is stupid.


Now maybe I just can't see it and Apple have hidden some preference but it seems they've changed the way podcasts play and interact with the phone so that this smart feature has made using the podcast app a bit dangerous while driving. Surely thousands of people love listening to podcasts while commuting to work. And driving means not playing with the **** iPhone and its' Podcast app!


Thanks all for letting me get this off my chest.