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Is there some sort preference .plist or something like that that can be used to reset the iCal sync process?


For the last month or two I`ve had major problems getting my iCal on iMac to sync properly to iCloud. A couple of weeks ago I suddenly had a couple of days where everything was working like it was supposed to without me having changed anything, but the joy only lasted for a couple of days.


Right now iCal just reads "updating" (well, in Norwegian) in the header, and iCal events does not update to iCloud. And it´s been frozen like that for more than a week.


Neither does it recieve update from iCloud. That is, events that I change on my iPhone.


I have nothing but calendars that are on iCloud (none which are only on my iMac). Some of the calendars are also exported to other users.


- I´ve checked that I´m logged in in the iCloud system pref´s.

- I´ve gone thorugh every calendar and clicked on "update" to try to force a change. Without improvement.

- Strange thing is that also my MacBook Pro gives me the exact same behaviour.


Both my iMac and MBP is OSX 10.7.5.


Is this an iCloud bug?


Anybody else seeing this?


Any suggestions?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.5)