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iPad is now going through automatic reboot on its own continuously. The apple logo appears, displays for about 60 seconds, then switches to a dark gray screen for 10 seconds, then goes completely black for 10 seconds, then repeats these same three steps.


What I have done:


1. Attached my iPad2 via USB connector to my MacBook Pro Retina;

2. Accepted install for ios 6.0.1 upgrade when the upgrade message appeared;

3. Waited while the upgrade ran, was verified, then the firmware was upgraded and verified;

4. The iPad2 began recycling thorough its reboot process;

5. Allowed this to continue through at least five iterations;

6. Disconnected iPad2 from Mac;

7. Performed a restart (held home and power buttons down for 10 seconds);

8. iPad cycled through the same restart process as above;

9. Allowed this to continue at least five iterations;

10. Performed a Recovery

      a. Plugged USB connector to Mac but NOT iPad;

      b. Pressed Home button, then attached connector to iPad;

      c. Allowed restore to reinstall ios 6.0.1;

11. iPad once again cycled through the same restart process as above.


I suspected that I might hve gotten a corrupted version of the ios 6.0.1 upgrade, but it verified so I am now at my wit's end.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6, 32GB
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