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I was more concerned about my home button on my iPhone 5 because it is already more depressed than on my wife's iPhone 5, which is more flush with the surface of the phone (and I've had home button issues before with iPod Touch), but as of yesterday (just a few days after the latest software update), it's the sleep/wake button that's been giving me trouble. I really have to press the thing in, or at a certain angle, to get it to register, which makes me think it's a hardware issue. My iPhone has sustained no drop/water/etc. damage of any kind. Is this something other users are experiencing? Do I just take it to my local cellular provider (VZW)? Or do I have to send it in (no local Apple Store)? Is there even enough stock to replace mine in a timely fashion? I've had mine since launch day.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1