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I am using a device that shares a 27" Apple Display between my MacPro and a MacBook Pro,  The device switches USB as well as video from the MP to the MBP and vice versa.


Because the Apple bluetooth keyboard will only pair with ONE computer at a time, I am using the wired USB keyboard version, connected to a USB port on the back of the Apple Display, so that when I switch from MP to MBP, the keyboard switches too.


The same limited pairing applies to the latest Apple bluetooth Magic Mouse and although I could apply the same solution and use a wired USB mouse, I lose the gesture range offered by the latest glass topped Magic Mouse.


My, as yet unimplemented, idea to solve this is to insert a USB bluetooth adaptor into one of the USB ports of the Apple Display so that it switches from MP to MBP and pair the Magic Mouse to this adaptor.  Once the adaptor has been recognised by the live system (either the MP or the MBP) it should in theory allow the Magic Mouse that is paired with the adaptor to switch too.


Having explained the backgroud, can anyone validate my logic and recommend a suitable USB Bluetooth adaptor.  Also, where do the settings of the external USB adaptor appear and how do I get the Magic Mouse to pair with it rather than the built-in bluetooth module.


If anyone has any idea for an alternative arrangement to allow a Magic Mouse to be switched between two Macs, I would be very interested to hear it.


Many thanks

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    I have the same question...


    The crucial question seems to be whether the pairing is between the mouse and the USB bluetooth adapter or between the mouse and the computer the adapter is plugged into. If the pairing is with the adapter, the mouse functionality should switch back and forth. If the pairing is to the computer then the mouse will only work with that computer and will be lost after switching the display to the other computer.


    Any bluetooth experts out there to help?