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I began configuring printers in the Print service on a Leopard Server machine last week... I ended up deleting a few print pools but for some reason they are still visible to the clients. I thought at first they were being shared from another computer but no, when I shut the server down, the print queues disappear from the "Add Printer" list on the clients. When the server restarts, those same printers appear again! (They are all Bonjour)


I have gone so far as to delete all printers and all pools from the server but on our clients... "sudo serveradmin command print:command = getQueues" results in "_empty_array" There are no queues in Server Admin. There are no printers in the Print & Fax system preference pane.


I should also mention that these "phantom" printers are visible in the "Add Printer" list on the clients whether the Print service is running or stopped!


Is there another place to configure queues that I'm missing? Is there another way to share a printer that doesn't use the Print service or the Print & fax prefpane?

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    Using a piece of software called "Bonjour Browser" reveals that the phantom queues are from a service called "Print Spooler (_printer._tcp.)" The 5 phantom queues all have the IP of the Print Server.


    When I configure a new queue (now the ONLY queue visible in Server Admin) it also shows up in this area, but ONLY if "Show name in Bonjour" is selected. This makes sense since Bonjour Browser is looking at the Bonjour services and nothing else.


    So when I "Stop Print" in Server Admin, the new queue disappears from the _printer._tcp. list, but the phantom printers do not!

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    Okay, solved this one finally... In the System\Library\LaunchDaemons folder, there are .plist files for every printer that has (ever) been set up with a spooler in the Print service.


    I deleted all the .plist files that started with com.apple.atprintd. and com.apple.atprtd.LPR.


    That took care of it.

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    Having same problem. Did you have to reboot server after deleting those files?

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    Restarting did the trick.