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My computer keeps freezing up soon after I open safari. I believe this happened one other time and I corrected it by an answer I found within the community. I have reset & emptied my cache and rebooted. I would love to hear some of your opinions. I have to keep re-starting my computer every few moments to get things done. My network is fine. Thank you for your help.

MacBook Pro
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    I have had problems ever since 6.0.2 update which for me has broken Safari. I just moved back to Chrome because I find is so much more stable. How can Apple mess up Safari so bad? Chrome is a 32 bit browser and you would think Safari would work better then Chrome in OS X? Unfortunately that has not been the case since Safari 6. Its seems Apple is in constant flux on fixing something either in OS X or a application.

    I hope they can get Safari fixes out soon because I like to use Safari. But when I have page hangs and pages that don't load correctly and I am left with a white blank page. I have to use a browser that performs much better.