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I have hd problems with my iwork apps and have since reinstalled and upgraded to mountain lion latest versions but I still cannot open the pages, numbers or keynote.  It shows

MacBook Pro
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    What problems? What iWork apps? What image?



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    Long story but bascially I couldn't open either, pages, numbers or keynote so tried reinstalling from the iwork dvd bought from the apple store and that didn't work.  So also upgraded the OS to Mountain Lion and still none of them open

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    You are telling us nothing.


    "Didn't work". "problems" etc only tell us "something" is going wrong but not what.


    As are iWork apps. Which iWork apps, what versions?


    What OSX are you running? Which Macbook Pro?


    What happens exactly when you try to open them? What messages do you get?


    A few details would be useful. We can't see what you have in front of you.


    Just at a guess, you probably have a later version of OSX (Lion or Mountain Lion) and you have not updated the iWork apps after installing them.



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    Ok full story is this.  I was trying to place a short cut to applications on the dock in my desktop and for soe reason some 13000 files were being scanned before being placed in applications.  Don't know why or how?  Following that my pages didn't work (didn't open with error messages) nor iphoto. The icons of pages, numbers and keynote and iphoto changed to the apps icon...see below (if you can't see the icon image let me know:



    Finally I trashed all the apps and the 13000 files from applications which included emotiocions or whetever they're called and all sorts of images.  Reinstalled the iwork 09 from the CD and not from the app store and that did nothing as well except the icons did change back to the proper ones for each programme (pages, etc).  On trying to open error messages appeared saying cannot open due to errors stating to check with developer that pages opens with the version of OS.  I had the latest update of my OSX 10.6.8.  So updated my OS to Mountain Lion and error messages still appear and pages/numbers/keynote still do not open

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    Numbers: 2.0.3

    pages: 4.0.3

    keynote: 5.0.3


    all are in iwork folder in applications



    iphoto is 8.1.2

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    Those are older versions. DL and apply this updater:





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    Thank you Peter this did the trick.


    Is there a similar update for iphoto?

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    Try the software update option in the  menu.

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    Thanks I tried that and all software is updated