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Before she went to pick up the new iPhone 5, she made sure to sync her iPhone 4 on her iMac. Turns out her older iMac doesn't have an Intel processor so she can't upload iTunes 10.7 and the iPhone 5 needs 10.7 to sync. It would have been helpful to have someone notify us of that information beforehand.


So, she gets it home, finds she can't sync the phone. Call's Apple Care and talks with one person that gives her directions. Daughter was on the iPhone 5 so she had to get off the phone to attempt syncing.  After getting off the phone my daughter trys to first backup to a PC laptop but the iPhone 5 keeps ejecting itself.


My daughter calls Apple Care again and speaks to another expert. This person tells my daughter to try syncing with my iMac and ends the conversation.


My daughter trys to sync the iPhone 5 with my iMac (running iTunes 10.7) and my computer doesn't recognize her new iPhone.


Just a note: MY iPhone operates and syncs perfectly on my iMac.


My daughter calls a third Apple Care, iPhone5 expert. This person is a LOT more savvy and helpful. He tells her she can get the data back from the cloud but it would have to be one song at a time (several 1000!), one video at a time, etc. So after a LONG LONG process my daughter gets most of her data back onto the phone.


Then she wants to backup the new iphone with iTunes. So first she backs up her old iphone on my newer iMac. The backup "appears" to work OK. Then, she syncs her iPhone 5, using the data from her old phone. It takes about 25 minutes so we're thinking it's getting all the data.


When it finishes, the iPhone 5 does not restart itself like earlier sync process's. So after it sit's there looking as dead as a doorknob, my daughter hit's the

"magic button" and nothing. Then she tries it again and holds it down a little longer. The phone comes to life but when it's restarted, she sees that all the information she had laboriously entered is gone.


My daughter is now terrified of syncing the the iPhone 5 again...but she know's sooner or later she has to sync the phone.


Is there ANYONE from Applecare that can contact us and get this new iPhone 5 to work properly? I am an EXTREME Apple proponent but this experience

has got me fried.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 2.93 Ghz Intel Core Duo 8GB DDR3