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So I've been trying to understand the logic for the device association for iTunes in the Cloud, but I just don't get it, and hope someone here can shed some light on it for me. Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the computer authorization (5 computers pr account), but the max 10 devices associated pr account for automatic download and previous purchases.


I have two Apple IDs, two computers and two iOS devices. I've tured OFF automatic download on all devices since I don't want all apps to be downloaded to all devices and I want to manage that myself, but I've been downloading previous purchases on all the devices from iCloud. When I view my account overview I see that one accout is assosicated with one of my computers, but nothing else. The other account is associated with my iPad but nothing else. The "problem" is that I can download previous purchases from both accounts from both the iPad and the computer i mentioned. If I understand the device association description correctly, this should not have been possible(?) I should only be able to download previously purchased apps from the account the device is associated with right? I've also downloaded previously purchased apps from my other computer and iPhone as well without them being associated with any of the accounts.


Don't get me wrong - I'm glad I can do this, but I'm just trying to understand how the devices get associated? I don't want any of my devices to end up in a 90 day quarantine, so it would be nice to know how to avoid this.



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    Anyone knows exactly what triggers the association between device and account?

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    Probably not of any help but my understanding was the same as yours i.e. if you turn on automatic downloads, use iTunes match or re-download past purchases then that computer or device becomes associated with that account for 90 days : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4627


    But I've seen other people post the same experience as you have, so it's not clear to me when it does or doesn't start an association. When people ask how to get content that their partner/spouse has bought onto their device I usually suggest that they copy it from computer to computer (e.g. via a flash drive) and add it to their iTunes and sync it as opposed to re-downloading it due to the potential 90 day association.