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My company upgraded my computer and I'm now on Keynote '09 version 5.2.  I am VERY FRUSTRATED with this program because you can no longer do "Save As ..." for files -- instead, it automatically creates a new version every time you save, and the only difference between the new version and the previous one is a little tilde (~) at the end of the filename.  Several different people work on these files, so we've already had problems with people accidentally working on the wrong version because all of the filenames are the same.


Is there any way to stop Keynote from saving "versions" this way and go back to the old way of either saving over the version currently being worked on or saving a new version entirely?  The "Save As ..." option doesn't even show up in the File menu anymore!  What genius came up with that idea?!?

Keynote 09, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    from the user manual:




    Saving a Copy of a Presentation

    If you want to duplicate your open presentation, you can save it using a different name

    or location.

    To save a copy of a presentation in Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later:

    1 Choose File > Duplicate.

    An untitled copy of the presentation is created. Both copies remain open on your

    desktop for you to view or edit.

    2 Close the window of the untitled copy, type the presentation's name, and then choose

    a location from the pop-up menu.

    3 Click Save.

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    I think this is not the answer on the question. I have the same frustation with Keynote.


    1. "Save as" is a very common command since my first Mac in 1984. Now I have to think everytime what is happening when I choose Duplicate.

    2. The presentation is saved automatically. When I open an old presentation to copy something and I make a change (by coincident), it will save the change without any message. I already deleted slides in old presentations in this way.


    Is there any possibility to stop the auto save or the get back a warning after the changes and before you close the document?