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I have a quick question.  In the Photos app on my iPhone, there is of course the "Photo Stream" tab.  In there, it shows that I have 1,000 photos, which is what Apple's iCloud page says it will hold onto on the iPhone, but in iPhoto it says there is only 400 pictures.  From what I can tell the iPhone has photos from around January of 2012 to now, and iPhoto says it has from May 2012 to now.  Apple's page says that 1,000 photos will be kept on the iPhone, while 30 days worth will stay in iCloud (and iPhoto I'm guessing).  But not all the photos that are in my iPhone's Photo Stream tab where taken with iPhone, nor where they synced thru iTunes.  So my questions are 1, Why are there 1,000 photos in my iPhone's Photo Stream and not on my iPad's Photo Stream or my iPhoto's, and 2, Why does it not delete them after 30 days like it originally did on every device (especially on my Mac)?  I remember from Oct of 2011 to Dec of 2011 that it would delete them after 30 days on all of your devices.

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