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    After posting this I got in touch with Amazon and they offered to change my iPod touch immediately in spite of their '1-month warranty' (I had had the iPod for just over 3 months)


    If you are having problems, don't delay - contact the seller and return the faulty goods if you can.


    Good luck!

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    As Danknee and iambob wrote, call up the store and initiate a refund.

    3 hours is way too short a period so don't go crazy trying to figure out why.

    Good luck and let us know how it went.


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    Hi everyone. I've been having some serious problems with the battery life of my iPod Touch 5th Gen. I bought it two months ago during a trip to Australia. I started using it there, taking some pictures and listening to music and everything went just fine. After a month, I noticed that the battery life was so poor, about 5 - 7 hours, even without using it at all!!!! I've tested killing all the apps, stop fetching all the email content of my accounts, turning off the location service, and almost all the day on airplane mode. I think It doesn't make sense because if I don't want to use all these features that the iPod brings itself, I just turned it off and don't use it at all!. After two months, the problem is still there, I have to plug it two times a day in order to maintain the battery and keep using it during the day. I also noticed that during the charging process the icon that tells you the charging process is over (you know, the little battery with the lightning in the middle) it doesn't appear so I never know when the battery is fully charged (I had to try with some apps in order to be sure if the battery is full or not at the end of the charging)

    I'm from Venezuela (sorry for my bad english) and I'm worried that I could loose my iPod (i've read a thread with a similar situation which ends with a Bricked iPod...) I need to know if I could ask for a refund or a change of my iPod. I don't know if this is a hardware or software problem. My iPod has the latest iOS update (6.1.2).

    If there's anyone with the same problem, just leave a message and tell me what did you do to solve this issue. The 4th generation battery life is better than this, far more better, let's say....

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    I'm having the same battery life issues as most of you guys on here. Also, I too do not know when my iPod is fully charged after plugging it in because the charged symbol on the battery does not appear when it's fully charged. If I unplug my iPod and plug it back in right after, then the fully charged symbol would appear on the battery. I got this iPod in January and have been having these problems for about the past 2-3 weeks. It's very frustrating, having paid a bit of money and barely getting much usage out of it..

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    same problem with my iPod Touch 5g (no product red). it is full, I close all apps and send it to sleep - a few hours later the battery level is down to 2 % and the ipodntouch is very hot.

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    Hey!! the same happened to me. Last night i checked the battery, it was on 50 - 60 %, I send it to sleep (off!!! shut down) and when I woke up this morning, It was all drained off!!! Zero!! I had to plug it to the chord to charge it again. It is a shame, you pay a lot of money for a product which should be great, and you got this! I am going to say this because I know that some moderator of this forum will say: Hey it is forbidden to talk about downgrading the iOS or even make a Jailbreak here, this is a sacred place!! but I don't care about it... anyone has made any test doing these things?? I think it should be a software problem because when my iPod worked terrific when it was with the original iOS! Sometimes, these upgrades just make things worse.

    It is a shame....

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    exactly thats whats happening to me to. i have the ipod touch product red.

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    Mine is blue, conventional edition. 64 gb. I haven't noticed the high temperature on the back of the iPod when all things happen...just the battery issue.  I read in other forum that this should be a faulty battery issue, I don't know...I'm going to try in some Apple store, maybe the change my iPod for a brand new or maybe a refurbished one. It is a real shame,I am really starting to hate Apple products...

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    I have no sweet clue what you people are talking about, I've been get emails for months now about this topic, some people say that the first iPod touches that came out where the problem well that's untrue, my 5g the the very first in walmart on pei, my iPod has had amazing battery life and its jail broken

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    Well, lucky you...that does not mean that we are not having any problem with the battery life of our devices...

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    Very true but in the 2 days since you've first posted have you run tests and/or contacted Apple?

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    Yeap...after all the tests, I contacted Apple. My iPod touch has Apple care, so they offered me to change the device for another one in the next fifteen business days, It should be more because here in Venezuela there is not as many Apple stores as you could find in the United States, or even in Australia, where I bought my iPod. So I'm gonna send my device to Australia with one of my parents who will be there soon, and take it to the store where I bought it.

    Maybe in the next months I'll post again to tell you people what happened...

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    I think you should try updating again (6.1.3). My iPod's battery life is amazing but I keep my brightness lower and delete items out of the taskbar (double click home button) and my iPods battery is fine for 8-10 hours of use and 200 of standby because you do loose battery when you just click sleep so power it off when you aren't using it.

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    Hi there. Well, after five months I got my Apple IPod Touch again... It seems to be that the problem was related to a faulty battery. I sent it to Australia as I said before. My brother took it to the Apple Store, where they told him it should be a software problem, so they made a hard reset and a factory settings rollback. After few days, we noticed that the problem was still there, battery couldn't last more than 4 hours, maybe two more hours in standby mode. So they accepted to give me a brand new IPod... So the problem is solved. I had to wait a lot because my parents were there for a long period of time, but It worked for me, just being patient...

    If anyone has the same problem, and the Apple Store is just around the corner, don't think twice and take it there, because it is surely the same faulty battery issue.