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My daughter tried to put music onto her iPhone by connecting it to iTunes on our computer.  Unfortunately, she somehow, instead, restored her phone with my wife's iPhone data.  All her pictures and contacts were replaced with my wife's pictures and contacts.  Now she is freaking out becuase she lost all of her pictures she took of Justin Bieber from his concert last night  (no joke...)


Is there any way to see if her phone's pics were saved on the computer prior to what I assume was a restore?  Or are they lost into the ether?

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    The photos would only be saved to your computer if they either imported (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083) or if the phone was backed up prior to this happening.  You can check to see if there was a backup prior to this restore by going to iTunes>Preferences>Devices and checking the Backups list (hovering your mouse over the backup will show you the phone number of the device backed up if you have trouble identifying which is hers).