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my problem is pretty strange. We published about 20 ebooks via iBookstore last year without minor problems and lot of error messages at the beginning. We learned a lot during this year. But now is seems not to be enough...


- We CAN "upload" an update or upload a new ebook using iTunes Producer without error message.

- BUT: iTunes Connect completely stopped promote our uploads/updates. We do not see the book anywhere in iTunesConnect, it cannot be seen by Link Maker. Even after week.


Our last activity pane in "Manage Books - Recent Activity" has not changed, in spite of we SUCCESSFULY uploaded gazillion of versions of epubs to resolve the issue (not only updates of older books but even new books which are being prepared for Christmas sale...)


Simply, it is behaving like black hole.


We are in contact with support, but they tell us to do some checks (epubcheck - OK, BlueGriffon EPUB3 Validator - OK, iTunesProducer - OK: – WHAT ELSE???), and later to do some changes in epub (which we made but it has not helped). 


It looks like some problem on Apple side, or not?

Thank you for you help


iBook, iOS 6.0.1