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I have a new iPad (iO6) and a MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion. I have noticed that I can add a movie to my iTunes library on my MacBook which then appears in the videos on the iPad. I am assuming this is because they are on the same network. Will it work if both devices are connected to different WiFi connections? For example, if I am in work on iPad using my work WiFi, can I access MacBook iTunes library which will be on my home WiFi?


Hope this makes sense!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    I don't even have an iTunes Store account but I suspect in your case what may be happening is when you buy an item from the store it is automatically getting added to other devices from Apple's servers (something you can configure?), unless you are actually syncing with your computer's iTunes library over home wi-fi.  What I know for sure is your iTunes library can only be synced over local wi-fi, not over the Internet in general unless you are running special third party software.


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