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In iCloud, what is the difference and the effect on the apps if back up to my mac or iCloud? What happens to Contacts, Calendars etc on my iPhone4 and iPad2??

OS X Mountain Lion, 2TB OWC External Drive for my IMac
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    Depending what Settings you have turned on, your Contacts and Calendars might already be in iCloud.  I personally back up my iPad and iPhone to my computer, but my aunt does it over the cloud.  With the cloud, you are going to want make sure that you have a good internet connection.  With iCloud, essentially what it does is redownload everything from Apples iTunes servers (purchased songs, books, movies, TV shows, etc) but personal data (game scores, contacts, calendars, wall papers, photos) are all downloaded from your iCloud.


    With iTunes, it is faster because instead of having to redownload everything from the server, it syncs them to the device over the cable.  Where a good sized restore from iCloud could take 24-48 hours (maybe even longer), iTunes only takes maybe 3-4 hours for the same files, data, etc.

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    Right now I have iTunes backing up to my IMac and I am not sure about the iPad or iPhone - assume they are iCloud because I don't know how to back them up to my Mac - how is that done and why. Would I?


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    Unless you turned on the setting to back up to iCloud, your devices aren't backed up anywhere.  iTunes keeps the backup files and files need to put back on your iPhone local, basically meaning the backup is stored on your hard drive and not in Apple's Servers.  It is also a lot quicker to backup and retrieve if you need to.  Just use the cable that came with your iPhone to connect to your computer.  Once you launch iTunes it should just do everything automatically

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    Thank You!