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hi all


apologies if this has been answered somewhere, i could not find it.


my iphone says it is backed up to icloud (and has been updating consistently over the last month or so), and has used 3.5 of the 5 free GB.


however, anytime i log into icloud.com from a browser, it's not there.


the main icloud screen says mail / contacts / calendar / notes / reminders / find my phone / iwork.

clicking on contacts brings up exactly one contact - me.

there aren't very many things to click on, and i've clicked on all of them.


my iphone is still version 5.0 and my os is still 10.6.5.


would love some suggestions if you have them - i'm at a loss.


thank you!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Backing up to iCloud and storing your info in iCloud are 2 different things.  Storing them makes them acessable and editable on any iCloud-able device, where is when backing up, if anything happens to your iPhone, you will be able to restore it with your backup in iCloud.  If under iCloud in Settings on your iPhone the Contacts, Notes, Calendars, etc are turned off, your data stays local to just your iPhone and the back in iCloud.  Now, if your data is stored in iCloud, and presay you get an iPad to go along with your iPhone, the data will be on both devices.  When you add/change a Contact, Calendar event, Note etc, it will automaticlly update on your devices.  Now this will also work with your Mac as long as you running at least 10.7 or newer.

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    thanks for your reply!


    i'm still confused though.


    i can say that when i go to settings/icloud/storage & backup i see this:


    under "storage" it says i am storing 3.5 GB of information.


    under "backup" the icloud backup option is turned on.


    so it appears i am both backing up and storing, yet i can't "see" either one when i log into icloud.


    i don't need access to most of that information, but it's just hard for me to completely trust it's there if it's invisible at icloud.com.


    i feel like i must be missing something basic?

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    Under Settings>iCloud on your iDevices, what do you have turned on?  The remaining "Storage" that is left is what is free after your backups.  They give you 5GB free, so you have used 3.5GB, that means 1.5GB is left.  So 3.5GB is just your iDevice backups.  The backups do count towards your 5GB.

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    I have the same exact problem and dont understand your explanation.


    I just backup and stored everything on icloud. but when I log in into icloud.com i cannot see anything


    anyone could help?

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    Here is a link to Back-up through the iCloud.  Though I use iCloud back-up I ALWAYS back-up on a Mac/PC through iTunes on a weekly basis.




    This what you should see in iCloud .  If you are saving camera roll and if you have photostream turned on you won't see it.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 8.36.01 AM.png

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    You are not supposed to be able to see the backup on iCloud.com.  What happens is if you a factory restore or have your device replaced, when you sign into your iCloud account, it will see the backup and allow you to restore from it (if you want) or set up the device as a new device.