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I'm looking for help on something I cannot work out.  I support my Mother's network in a different city.  She uses an Airport Extreme with multiple macs behind the Airport.  I can set-up Port Forwarding to get to one computer on her network.  I cannot figure out how to access others.  My ultimate objective would be to see a listing of all machines connected tot he airport, and access them as needed.


Is this something that can be done?  Or, do I have to get access one machine, do my thing, update the Airport with new port forwarding and restart it to get to the other machines one by one?


Any help on offer is greatly appreciated.

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    You can not access other machines with port forwarding it's one to one

    If you need to manage multiple macs remotely you'd be better off setting up VPN access


    Once VPN is setup and you have connected to the remote LAN

    You will appear on the remote network as if you've connected locally

    You"ll be able to access all the machines on the remote LAN

    However  bonjour dosn't work over WAN so you may need to access machines via IP address


    You'll need a VPN server on the remote LAN

    Osx server includes VPN server as do many Linux distributions


    You could also try teamviewer