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After a recent Safari update and reboot, my management station will not start Apple Remote Desktop.  The ARD process starts and says (Not Responding) in the Activity Monitor.  The process is using over 6GB of "Real Memory" and is bouncing around between 30 and 60% CPU.  I have rebooted twice and let it sit for over ten minutes all to no avail.  ARD was working fine yesterday, and this is pretty much all I use the computer for.  Any ideas?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Apple Remote Desktop
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    Sorry to see that you are having the same issue that I am... Mine also quit launching after working within the last day or two. I'm not sure it's the Safari upgrade though as I remember also installing an iPhoto and Aperture update at the same time.


    I went back and restored all components that I knew about for ARD via Time Machine and it still doesn't work. Perhaps I missed something I wasn't aware of.


    Here are the files or folders I replaced via Time Machine from before the Safari update.



    ~/Library/Application Support/Remote Desktop